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Our #1 priority is you, the client. We believe in our services and products and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your business as much as you do, which is why we offer the best support . In addition, TAGR Global Sourcing constantly offers products and services that support your business or engages in deal origination that makes sense and results in expansion.

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Endless Possibilities: The Only Team You Need

TAG-R Global Sourcing’s powerful systems along with its unique structure helps you structure the deals that make sense and generate value.

Innovative Solutions: The Proof Is In The Pudding

TAG-R Global Sourcing strives to be useful, each asset; each product and every service has its own meaningful purpose. We listen to our clients and integrate their requests into our modus operandi on a regular basis. TAGR Global Sourcing is not only built by us alone, but also by our clients and the communities that we influence.

Target Markets

TAGR Global Sourcing and Consulting have a number of target markets.

  • Successful Businesses that are marketing products that change the world positively
  • Successful Businesses that seek to manufacture products that are unique
  • Successful Organisations that seek to import products or services
  • Successful Organisations that seek to export products or services

TAG-R Services

TAG-R Services include the application for import and export licenses for clients within South Africa; the import and export of goods on behalf of clients; the marketing of products and services that truly have a positive change on the environment and the world. The building of custom processing plants. Our services are aligned with improving environments; housing, mineral processing, agriculture, energy, health, resource efficiency, and globalization.

TAG-R Plastic Processing Plants

TAG-R is able to assist with the design and manufacture of plastic processing plants that can assist with environmental resuscitation of certain plastics in a feasible business structure. We are able to build modular 1 ton per hour plants to 5 ton per hour plants

TAG-R Investigations

TAG-R is able to do investigations in businesses to work out the bottlenecks or other parts of processes that can be improved through process engineering as well as well mechanical engineering services.

TAG-R Innovation

The TAG-R team thrive on dealing with production processes where there are waste materials produced, since we invariably innovate to minimize on the waste materials.

TAG-R Bioremediation

TAG-R has a team of experts in the field of bioremediation. We focus on rehabilitating environments whether it is cleaning oil tanks using environmentally friendly methods or clearing scrap metal from areas and rehabilitating those areas to make them economically productive, the co-ordination and efforts necessary to produce the end result is put in through determination and ingenuity.

Those Are Just A Few Main Services, There Are Plenty More

  • Marketing Of Products

  • Marketing Of Services

  • Marketing Of Viable Projects

  • Marketing Packaging and Innovation

  • Geographical Arbitrage

  • Sales

  • Coal Processing Plant Building

  • Gold Dry Processing Plant Manufacture

  • Diamonds Processing Plant Manufacture

  • Chrome Processing Plant Manufacture

  • Rare Earth Processing Plant Manufacture

  • Processing Minerals On Toll Basis

  • Mine Rehabilitation

  • Import of Products

  • Import of Services

  • Export of Products

  • Export of Services

  • Trading Agricultural Commodities

  • Trading Mineral Commodities

  • Trading Innovative Products

  • Oil Tank Cleaning

  • Water Systems Cleaning

  • Industrial Bioremediation

  • Agricultural Bioremediation

  • Sewage Bioremediation

  • Mine Rehabilitation Bioremediation

  • Toxic Waste Conversion

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What Is Deal Origination?

Do you have a good opportunity? No problem, TAG-R have a team which reviews opportunities that can be of benefit to their stakeholders. By adding additional components that bring about greater harmony and alignment of interests we are able to originate a deal that is attractive to some of our larger partners, whether there is the need for off-take arrangements, or for the provision of finances. We focus on making deals work on their own merit through organic growth, rather than looking for funds to make the deal work. Very often extra funds are not necessary if the deal has a sound business basis – the dichotomy is that funds are almost always available for such transactions.

Custom Manufacture: Or Import

TAG-R Global Sourcing is able to manufacture custom products for engineering or marketing purposes. In some cases we are also able to import products that are needed in a larger quantity from factories located abroad, some of which are based in China.


Custom Products: We Make Them, You Use Them.

Good products and services are the backbone of any business, and TAG-R Global Sourcing Offer a huge set of skills that assists in manufacture of custom products that are difficult to get a hold or find in the local market at competitive prices.

Contact Us: There Are No Limits.

TAG-R gives you limitless potential to build amazing products through synergistic partnerships.

Customer Reviews: We Love our Customers, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to customer base. When you engage with TAG-R, there is no need to worry about customer support.  Check out what our customers are saying about TAG-R!

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