Zooming In And Out To Get Focus
Starting from the viewpoint of what you love, you may discover a broad area first, before narrowing it down. Perhaps you love gardening or knitting or collecting bonsai trees or cooking or software programming or playing computer games or following a vegan diet or building successful businesses. Whatever the interests are write them down. If you have only one interest, great. If you have a few of these then write them all down.

Almost like a camera lens or the lenses in our eyes, in order to get a clear focus, it is sometimes necessary to zoom in and then out and zoom in again to a different focus point and then maybe zoom out again. This is a matter of getting a clearer idea of the landscape.

Part of this zooming in by asking questions and then to withdraw reviewing another aspect of the area and then zooming in again through another set of questions.

The Zooming In Questions
If you have a list of interests start this process of questions with the one that appeals to you the most at this moment. Ask yourself these questions, writing an answer to each of them:

– In this field what do I know?
– In this field what would I love to learn more about?
– What would I love to achieve in this field if anything?
– What is it about this field that intrigues me?
– What do I enjoy about this field?
– What problem(s) do I experience in this particular field? (Problems might be related to finding the time to do an activity or finding products or services that I would like to get more of)
– What do I hate about this field?
– In this field what products or services have I experienced? What were they like?
– In this field what experience have I had with the people who are also interested in it?
– Are there people who have more knowledge in this field in other countries?
– Is there a country in the world where they have more knowledge in this field than anywhere else?
– What raw materials are used in this field?
– What tools are used in this field?
– What products exist in this field?
– Are there any problems or issues that you have experienced with the quality of the product or the service delivery of the raw materials, products, tools in this field?
– Are there any of these problems or issues that other people have also had, that were similar to your own, in this field?
– Is there a country in the world where they produce goods or services that support this field?
– Is there a country in the world where they produce cheaper raw materials that support this field?
– Is there a country in the world where they produce better quality tools that support this field?

Zooming Out Reflection
Once you have this list of questions answered you may find that you have your mind and more importantly your subconscious mind engaged. The next step is counter-intuitive it involves tuning out:

– Have a copy of the goal you had written down with you and read it a few times.

– Then glance over the list of questions and answers that you had written down.

– Then get comfortable and relax by sitting back in your chair or on a couch or even lying on the floor in a quiet, distraction-free place. Use earplugs to drown out the noise if you have to or get some soothing music on.

– Get an idea with the intention to experience the goal.

– Close your eyes and get an idea of the goal for a few minutes and then contemplate the field of interest you had just been looking at with the intention of getting a clear plan of action of a product or service or next action to take. Do not take any actions just yet. Just get the intention to get a clear moment of epiphany.

– Now let go of everything. Relax. Stop thinking if you can. If you can’t let your mind wander, but put no attention on anything that comes to mind. You can place a light focus on your breathing, but the point of this stage is to clear your mind and your space to make room for the inspiration to come in. It is effortless and it is can be compared to letting yourself float like a leaf in a river. Just let go.

– Keep this up for 15 minutes or so or whatever feels natural to you.

– Gently bring yourself back to resuming normal mental function.

– Once you get up, write down whatever comes to you. It doesn’t matter if it’s crazy or impossible, write it down. If you have the urge to make a phone call, make it. If you have the idea to leave this field or project alone, then get on to another area of interest.

There may be some real gems. There may be nothing.

Go through this process for each area of interest writing down what comes to mind.

This may seem like an unusual process, but it has been proven to work for many years by many of the most successful people in their fields of specialty whenever they approached a problem that they could not resolve. Once you get an idea of a good product or service or product range its time to move on to the next step of getting it more tangible by doing some research and homework.

We will cover that in the next post.