“Hello World”, is typically the first program that one writes as a programmer in many of the programming language tutorials or any other educational resources involved with program languages. It is apt for us as one of the first announcements of our latest version of the TAG-R Global Sourcing and Consulting website on a new platform and with eyes which are looking at the world through a different lens as if we have taken up a new language altogether.

The First Idea
The first idea for forming our company was to source any product from any place in the world for clients and customers that needed them to make the production or their lives easier or more profitable. That idea hasn’t changed, although the strategy for attaining that idealistic goal has.

Dealing With Change
We are all caught up in this world of constant change and that change pushes, urges and encourages us to grow and to adapt to those steps in evolution. In such a world the demands on great ideas, big goals, and idealistic crusades are tenuous. We understand that and as we grow we understand more. This process of continuous evolution in the face of constant changes to our environments requires both quick action and patience to some degree. The quick actions to adapt quickly enough to keep on surviving and upholding a way of life that we are accustomed to. Patience with ourselves as humans is needed because the goal posts can shift and the ideals we sought yesterday and achieved today are no longer the ideals that we are satisfied with tomorrow. To weather the storm of the choppy seas requires a firm commitment to a destination despite the beating waves and the violent winds that beat against us. For us, at TAG-R Global Sourcing and Consulting we have rooted ourselves in an unwavering commitment to our true intentions – that we have to express ourselves clearly in our thoughts, words, and actions in the present moment.

In closing
We are clearer than ever that we say, “Hello World!” with enthusiasm, love, abundance, wisdom, joy, riches, understanding and energy since these are the intentions which give life to our actions and which keep the breath of life within our organization nourished and vigorous. We look forward to continuing to take the opportunities that we are presented with to express ourselves and serve clients and customers to the ends of bringing about a better, more enlightened world.