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TAG-R specialize in creating and / or sourcing solutions for businesses, governments and corporations of all sizes through co-ordination and creating of mastermind teams and aligning resources into workable systems.

TAG-R Global Sourcing and Consulting is a part of the TAG-R CAPITAL group of companies.
TAG-R Global Sourcing and Consulting is a marketing and supply chain management; resource management and solutions organisation. We specialize in creating and sourcing solutions for businesses, governments and corporations of all sizes.

We have a network of suppliers, manufacturers, research facilities, consultants and associate companies internationally who work with us in a collaborative manner to deliver on a given project or product and provide a given solution. Once the solution has been obtained we often establish a strategic business unit which continues to provide the solution on a longer term basis if it proves feasible. TAG-R Global Sourcing and Consulting can be seen as the Business Development arm for a strategic group of companies and organisations. It uses innovation to provide solutions to the market that embrace the products and services that these organisations offer.

Our services range from developing intellectual property; to implementing projects; to export; import, logistics and distribution of products and services that are needed and wanted by our clients. We seek to foster a well developed system of imports and exports of products and services within the African continent and globally.

When the need arises, we revel in investigating situations where we invariably discover the cause or “The Why” which then opens the door to handling a particular problem. By then getting the right parties into the drawing room to tackle situations in a scientific and systematic way we are able to secure that a strategic plan of action is drawn up and that tactical implementation programs are drawn up. Having great access to information and a very deep history to call upon, we look to employ the most applicable information and the best minds that are available for given situations so that we are able to produce cutting edge solutions. We seek to implement our solutions as fast as possible, while some of the effects may be seen immediately others may take decades in order to bring about the best possible solution to the situation regardless of egotistical desire, whim or other pressures.

We believe that there are no limits, principally because there are no limits to the human spirit and the creative spark within it. Further we believe that profit is the result of following definite universal principles to deliver value coupled with responsibility for the environment one finds oneself in; creativity; integrity; exercising professionalism and building valuable and meaningful relationships with all our stakeholders (staff, suppliers, partners, investors and clients). Because we understand that solutions are generated through relationships and communication lines with the right parties, relationships are some of our most valuable assets and seek to enhance them continuously. Our systems, principles, concepts and philosophies are centralised around ethics, growth, learning, responsibility, understanding, abundance, wealth, wisdom and creativity.

Who Is TAG-R Global Sourcing and Consulting

Our mission is to improve conditions on the planet through:
1. Continuously perfecting our technology and ensuring its flawless application;
2. Delivering beneficial solutions to communities; the environment; businesses, governments and corporations;
3. Stimulating opportunities;
4. Uplifting individual and communities;
5. Where possible to acquire access to the sources of resources and technologies or work in partnerships with the sources of key commodities and resources and
6. To develop these resources into valuable products that can be supplied to our clients through the use of:
a. Innovation,
b. Technology and
c. Training and development of elite, ethical, talented and continuously expanding teams of leaders.

Our philosophy stems from that of TAG-R Capital: We consider first how we can make money for other people. We have the necessary insight to perceive and utilise opportunities and favourable conditions and recognize values, we then put ourselves and our stakeholders in a position to take advantage of them. Our greatest successes continue to come as we are enabled to assist others. What benefits one must benefit all.
Our vision is to be an organization which organises and accounts for the resources of the planet and works symbiotically with the environment. To be an organisation that is the world leader in the sourcing and supply of key commodities; technologies and services to our clients through high levels of training, growth, performance and service. An organisation made up of a highly talented, committed, high toned, entrepreneurial leaders aligned to seeking greater potentials of accomplishment and growth for themselves and the organisation. We flourish and prosper and contribute to the creation of a new civilization based on freedom, creation, truth, ethics and open communication free from insanity, criminality and war where the able can prosper and honest beings have rights.

When delivering a solution we focus on providing a solution that meets the needs of our clients from a budget and practical point of view. We seek to deliver on time, to specification and responsibly. Our model is enhanced by our focus on either acquiring the assets which produce the commodity/product/or deliver the service where there are no suitable suppliers available or forming partnerships with key, reliable suppliers who are able to provide the commodity/ product or offer the service required. In this manner we ensure that an element of control is entered into our procurement transactions. With this standard operating procedure we are better able to use our existing expertise and resources to deliver what we promise to our clients. When delivering a solution we focus on providing a solution that meets the needs of our clients from a budget and practical point of view. We strive and seek to deliver value, passionately!

Our keys to success are:

1. Ethics and administrative technology.
2. Building and maintaining healthy relationships and communication lines.
3. Willingly taking full responsibility for the products / solutions that we deliver.
4. Focusing on products which have a pull demand.
5. Focusing on areas where we have know-how or technical knowledge or can acquire it.
6. Focusing on products that we have control over.
7. Focusing on areas where we can arrange the funds required for the necessary infrastructure to be established.

Our Skills

Sourcing 90
Import 95
Export 85
Marketing 75

Meet Our Team

David Janneman
David JannemanCo-Founder
David has had past success in the areas of international fuel trading in that he has tied in with key players in the international petroleum industry and has lines in to Saudi Airlines, State Owned Marketing Organization of Iraq, the Namibian fuel industry as well as refineries in Russia. David had been involved in the facilitation of a few international fuel transactions which were successful. He also assisted on projects in raising funds for organizations.
Paddy Janneman
Paddy JannemanCo - Founder
Paddy has a management background in retail banking as well as smart card technologies and very good relationships within China. These relationships may prove valuable in the sale of our products to China, should we want to explore that route. His management skills, strategic planning abilities and uncanny sense of seeing the niche in markets where very few even think of will continue to stand us in good stead in our business.
David Baholo
David BaholoConsultant
David has a degree in Law and has also gotten a background in deal origination. An entrepreneur at his core he has also been involved in a number of start ups.

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