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This service is only offered in South Africa at the moment.

Who Needs This Service? Any individual or business looking to bring goods into South Africa would need to register as an importer, whether they are South African or foreigners.

What is an importer? Any person (local or foreign) who import goods into South Africa must register as an importer including the importation of continuous transmission commodities (CTC).

Any foreigner importer (e.g. individual or juristic person) who wishes to import goods into South Africa must register as an importer and nominate a registered agent located in South Africa before such foreign importer will be registered to import goods into South Africa.

The Process Of Applying For An Import / Export License The process involved in applying for an Import / Export license involves the following: 1) Filling in and signing the forms to register as an Importer 2) Filling in and signing the forms to register as an Exporter 3) Getting the necessary documentation prepared, by getting original copies and certification of those in which originals are not possible. 4) We will send a courier to collect the documents from your designated address if you are based in a major city. 5) We submit the documentation to Customs on your behalf and apply for both Import and Export Licenses. 6) Once the application has been lodged with Customs it could take between 5 to 10 working days for the license code to be generated. 7) If there are any issues there may be further documentation required in some instances in which case would make these known and there will be a delay in the processing time to get the issues resolved.

What Does TAG-R’s Service Include? 1) Providing a checklist of items and then working through that checklist with you as our client. 2) Providing the forms for you to complete sent to you via email or downloaded from our website. 3) Two online or face to face consultations answer any questions relating to the process of application as well as to clarify the documentation that can be gotten and what forms are acceptable to Customs. 4) Assistance with completing the documents correctly and compiling a file with the documents. 5) If needed, arranging our own courier company to collect the necessary signed and original copies of documents as well as certified copies of documents. 6) Submission of the application on your behalf. 7) Liaising with Customs throughout the process to ensure that the licenses are gotten even if there are issues to be resolved. In such instances, we co-operate with our clients to get the issues resolved and the application re-submitted. 8) If the application is unsuccessful we offer a full money-back guarantee.

What Costs Are Involved? There are two courses of action for a company or a person to take: 1) Paid Option: – Most accounting firms charge around R4 500 for this service, while there are other vendors who offer the service for around R1 600. – We charge R3000 for the application of both Import and Export Licenses and offer a 100% money back guarantee should your application be unsuccessful after numerous amendments. This is highly unlikely. Our services include the list mentioned above.

2) The Do It Yourself option: – This option is far cheaper since Customs do not charge a fee for application submission. – There is a great deal to learn about the process along the way and if you do not mind the learning curve and the possibility of going back and forth and being rejected and do not have any time constraints as to when you need to have the license then this may be the recommended route to take. – The necessary documents can be downloaded from our site.

Contact us on inform@globalsourcingsa.co.za should you have any queries or questions.

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Getting your application processed quickly for only R 3000.

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The Import and Export Licenses will be applied for at the same time and should take 5 to 10 business days to be processed after submission.

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