TAG-R’s Four Areas of Expertise in Import and Export

TAG-R is able to assist clients in three areas with regards to IMPORT and EXPORT related business.

Import and Export License and Permit Applications for South Africa

TAG-R assists South African registered businesses as well as individuals to apply for their Import license and Export license and relevant applications to be members of the appropriate trade agreements that South Africa shares with different trade zones.

Since the process for Import and Export licenses requires the same documents and then follows the same outline we apply for both licenses at the same time. We require that our client provide us with the necessary documentation for the application process and make application for our client with SARS Custom offices. We liaise with SARS Customs officials in person in order to get their input. In some instances, SARS requires more clarification or additional documentation. We remain in contact with our clients throughout this process.


We are able to import goods on behalf of our clients using our network of freight forwarders and logistics teams as well as our own import license we will be able to import goods on your behalf.


We are able to export goods on behalf of our clients using our network of freight forwarders and logistics teams as well as our own export license we will be able to export goods successfully.

Trade-Related Consulting

If we have the opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise we are humble enough to do so with the consideration that there are many solutions that are off the shelf that may not always be suitable for a particular trade transaction. We do our best to do our research for each deal and make recommendations based on the merit of the transactions taking into consideration:

1) Supply

2) Buyer markets

3) Environment

4) Socio-economic factors

5) Risks involved

6) Financial implications

7) Legal requirements in both markets


We would be glad to offer our services. Should you have any requirements please contact us on:


Do well and wishing you success in your business.

Fully Engaging

TAG-R chooses to engage with our clients about their requirements

Service Is About Clear Communication

No matter the size of your requirements, we are clear in what we can deliver and what we cannot and communicate clearly throughout our processes.

We Love Our Clients

We seek to serve people and companies that we love so we always strive to please them

High Affinity For What We Do

At TAG-R we love creating opportunities, this is our craft and we love it.

Keeping it Real

We try to get a reality of what our clients are going through and what is really going on

Reality is Made by Agreements

We strive to get and keep clear agreements to ensure we are on the same page and share the same reality.

Understanding What We Do

We strive to grasp the essence of what we do and seek to understand deeply

Understanding is Created by Clarity

We attempt to keep the key indicators in perspective and clear so we can deliver on exactly what is needed!

TAG-R’s Other Services

TAG-R Your trusted partner in Importing and Exporting for your business.

Why Choose Us

      • We treat your business as if it is our own and exercise the same level of care with it.
      • Walk you through the process step by step.
      • Excellent knowledge of the industry and ability to pass that knowledge on and to apply it.
      • We offer free support because we care about your imports as much as you do.

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